The Ryerson Science Society is an elected body of students from the Faculty of Science. The image on the left shows the structure of the positions that we have. Each of these positions is elected by you, the student body. We all work throughout the year to try and benefit the students that we were elected to represent. We do this through events, providing services and through having General Meetings with the Membership at least twice a year.

The President is in charge of overseeing the 6 VPs, and all together they make up the executive team. The Directors main duty is to keep up to date with what the students in their departments want. Then they report to the Executive team about what they feel we should be doing as a society. With this information, the executives then make their plans for the year and work with the directors to execute these plans.

As students in our membership you are able to make sure we are doing what you want us to be doing! Contact us with event ideas, new services you want offered and and criticisms or complaints that you have. If you see that we are not following our Constitution, By-Laws or other policies (below) you are the ones that can call us out for that. Attend our Board Meetings (email [email protected] to attend) and come to General Meetings (explained below).

Our board also has several non-voting members and each executive oversees at least one committee. On our Board we have an Equity Commissioner, who is hired usually during the summer, who is in charge of overseeing and dealing with equity related issues in the Faculty of Science and the RSS. A chairperson is also hired to facilitate our meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order and they are assisted by the Secretary who takes meeting minutes. We are also supported by a full-time staff person who works in the Dean’s Office. Their position is the Manager of Student Relations and Development and they work to support all students with their extra-curricular development.

Governing Documents

Click on one of the icons below to view or download the corresponding document.

RSS Constitution

Last Updated:

SAGM 2017

RSS By-Laws

Last Updated:

February 2019

RSS Financial Policies

Last Updated:

January 12th 2018

RSS Election Procedures

Last Updated:

March 2019

Official Budget

For information on applying to the RSS for funding, please visit:

The 2018 – 2019 operating budget will be available in the coming weeks. We are in the process of making it with the Board of Directors and the VP Finance. After this, we will advertise it online and will bring it to the SAGM for your feedback. Last years budget is still available below.

  • Event Expenses
  • Orientation Expenses
  • Operational Expenses
  • Student Funding

Last Updated: Jan 10th, 2019

Last Year’s Budget: Click Here

General Meetings

The RSS has two general meetings (at minimum) each year, typically taking place in the middle of each semester. At these meetings, all science students are invited to attend and raise issues and vote on things. You can submit motions to the VP Operations up to 7 days prior to the General Meeting. General meetings must be communicated to the membership at least 15 days before the date of it.

Motions have a specific format that they must be submitted in, you can see an example below. If you send a motion in that is not in the proper format, our VP Operations may be in contact with you to work on fixing it.

Format of a Motion


Whereas state your reasoning here

Whereas state further reasoning here

Be it resolved that state your proposed solution here

Be it further resolved that state further proposed solutions here


You can use as many “Whereas” and “Be it resolved that” as you need to write out your entire motion. If you want help writing your motion, please contact our VP Operations at [email protected]

AGM 2019 Agenda

You can find the AGM 2019 Agenda here: 2019 AGM Agenda

The Constitution, By-Laws, Financial Policies and Election Procedures can be found higher up on this page.

Past General Meeting Documents

You can find all of the documents used for General Meetings at the following link. This includes our updated Constitution, By-Laws, Financial Policies and any motions that are being discussed at the General Meeting.


Link to the Drive folder: