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Executive Directors

President: Michael Teitelbaum
[email protected]


VP Operations: Maheen Zahoor
[email protected]

VP Finance: Ying Yang
[email protected]


VP Communications: David Jardine
[email protected]


VP Academic: Zainab Bokhari
[email protected]

VP Events: David Choi
[email protected]


VP External: Sonia Varghese
[email protected]

Department and First Year Directors

Chemistry and Biology Directors [email protected]

Thomas Esmond

Paniz Kimiaei

Antoinette Pavia

Mihal Shalamov


Mathematics Director [email protected]

Sadat Ahmed

Computer Science Directors [email protected]

Andrea Calle

William Murray

Anurag Sherkar



Medical Physics Director [email protected]

Faheem Mosam

First Year Directors [email protected]

Jennifer Bonanno

Ghazal Rezaee

Farhan Sami

Non Voting Board Members

Manager, Student Relations and Development [email protected]

Pamela Wettlaufer

Secretary [email protected]

Thena Mouratidis


Daniel Lis

Equity Commissioner [email protected]

Mira Rossen

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