Starting a New Group

If you are looking to start a new student group under the Ryerson Science Society, we have a procedure that you can follow. We highly encourage new student groups to form because we feel that student groups can offer huge benefits to students and increase the value of our degrees by a lot.

Through this entire process, you can work and meet with the RSS President to help you create the group and get advice and best practices. We want your groups to succeed and become ratified. Reach out to us if you need support. Below is a simplified version of the steps to follow that are explained in our By-Laws and Constitution.


You need to gather signatures from 30 students that believe this would be a good student group to start, and would be interested in joining. This is to show the RSS that there is support for this group and that students want it. It also helps students to learn more about the group.


Your group needs to have a constitution to operate under the RSS. This document outlines things like who makes up your team, what is your membership, what your mandate is and all of the rules that you will follow (financial regulations to election policies). You can view our constitution here.


You must prepare your plan for the year so the RSS can evaluate how well organized the group is. This plan should include any events and projects you want to run, as well as a tentative budget of how much money you need and how much you are going to get from other sources (if any).

Contact Us

Once you have all the previous steps completed, you can email [email protected] indicating that you are ready to present to the RSS Board to become a student group under us. We will give you a presentation time and you will have 5 minutes to present, followed by 10 minutes of questions.


You will be contacted to inform you of the Board of Director’s decision. If you are ratified as a group, you can begin requesting funding. You should also read our by-laws (section 5) that can be found at this link.

If you are told that you were not ratified as a student group, please refer to our by-laws, section 5

The RSS oversees multiple course unions and student groups in the Faculty of Science. All of these groups provide awesome events, services and opportunities for students in science. All of these student groups are volunteer positions and there are opportunities to join them through the year through their events. Check out the full list of Official RSS Student Groups here:


What does being a student group under RSS mean?

Student groups usually want to be under either the RSU or a faculty society because it provides them a consistent source of support and funding. Being a student group under RSS means that your group is run mainly by science students, for science students. Sometimes we have groups that are shared with another faculty – RU Hacks is not a group but a great example of something that both Engineering and Science collaborate on each year.

What resources can RSS offer to a group?

Once the manager is hired (this would be a full time staff position) they would be fully able to provide guidance, support and advice to any student groups that fall under the RSS umbrella. The RSS is happy to book meetings with groups to advise or support in their events, initiatives and problem solving. Being a student group under the RSS also gives you easier access to funding, which will be explained later.

What power does RSS have over a group?

We do not have any power over groups. The only power you could technically say we have, is the power to withhold funding. Some by-laws state that groups cannot get funding in certain circumstances (i.e. if you have a separate bank account). But we cannot tell you how to run your group. The only thing we would be able to do is advise you and if a group is doing something that is seriously contrary to what the RSS believes, the Board of Directors could vote to terminate the relationship or withhold RSS funding. That is the only “power” RSS has over student groups.

How do we get funding? Also, anyone can apply to RSS for funding so why is this any different?

The RSS allocates money into student funding, but some is set aside and reserved for science student groups. At the beginning of the year, student groups will attend the Student Group Leadership Retreat and will be taught about how the funding system works. Then by the end of August all groups (course unions and other groups) will be able to submit their years budget. This is something only available to science student groups under the RSS. They will have a meeting with the finance team of the RSS (usually the VP Finance, President and VP Operations) to request the entire years worth of funding, as opposed to having to ask for each project individually. This allows them to have greater freedom and ability to plan their year knowing they have their funding already approved.